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Golden Square Studio
Blue Tadpole Studio is nine years old already! Throughout these nine years, there has been a lot of changes.
We started in a basement, then moved to a little shop in the mall and now, this bigger location at Golden Square
for the past six years. We have grown a lot since then, and just like a child outgrowing his clothes, the studio
needs more room and facilities to grow.

In 2012, another location was added to Blue Tadpole Studio. It is bigger, with more room for the studio to grow
into. There will be more facilities that allow us to do things that we could not do before. A computer room will be
added to the new studio. There will also be a life drawing room for adult students and grade 12 students who
wish to build a portfolio for art programs in university.

Lessons will be conducted in both studios. The Golden Square location will be open every day, Monday to
Sunday. The Ridgeway location will be open from Thursday to Saturday only. (more classes coming!)  
Phone number and email are still the same : (416) 419-7287                                                         

The addresses for both locations are:
Ridgeway Studio
For more detail direction to get to the new Ridgeway Studio, click HERE.