During this camp, we will create all kind of food
through the use of clay, craft and painting. We
will also make real waffle, cupcakes and
To see the full summer camp Schedule, click HERE, or below
New Camp this year. We use clay and craft to
create all kind of mythical creatures, such as
unicorn, mermaid, dragon and yeti!
New camp this year!! Children are encouraged to
express their creativity with video games themed
craft. Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario and all kind of
game characters!
New camp this year!!
Back by popular demand!
This year Ontario Summer Camp at this moment is not cancel, but we will have to follow “strict”
guidelines that will be developed with local public health units.

But we are in some uncertain time right now, if the Ontario Ministry of Labor, and municipalities don’t feel safe about
it, summer camp might not happen this year.

If the government feels safe about it come July, we are ready. This is our
lineup for 2020 summer camp. Of course
class size will be small and we will follow the Ontario’s health requirements.

Online summer camp and drawing course will also available this year!! All camp on the schedule will be offer online.
Except Animation and Photoshop, this will only offer in studio.    

There will also be online drawing course during summer as well.
Details will be coming soon!  If you are interested about it, email me at andrew@bluetadpolestudio.com

Wish everyone is safe and I really miss seeing and talking to everyone in class. Hope we can get back to class soon.


如果政府對7月來的情況感到安全,我們已經準備就緒。 這是我們2020年

在線夏令營和繪畫課程!! 時間表上的所有營地都將在線提供。 除Animation和Photoshop外,僅在

希望大家都很安全,我真的很想念課堂上與學生交談。 希望我們能盡快回到課堂。