***An Important Message to our students and
parents about COVID-19 ***
In order to do our part in the efforts to lower the impact of this virus, We have made the
difficult decision to temporarily cancel all the drawing classes and March break camp.

The health of our students, parents, gandparents and teachers are very important. We
apologize for this inconvenience, we believe it is the right thing to do at this time.

In the meantime, we encourage you to download our new lesson and step by step lessons to
draw on your own. So that when you return, you dont miss a beat!!
March break camp。

我們的學生,父母,祖父母和老師的健康非常重要。 對於由此給您帶來的不便,我們深表歉意,我們認

同時,我們鼓勵您到下載我們的新課程和step by step課程,在家裡自己畫畫。 這樣,當您返回時,您就
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*** SUMMER CAMP 2020 ****
Summer camp this year is not cancel yet, by the Ontario municipalities. But even if classes and
camp return class size will be small and we will follow the Ontario’s health requirements. We will
update you the status here or you can check the summer camp 2020 page.

Online summer camp will be also available this year, you can check inform
here or click below.
安大略省市政府尚未取消今年的夏令營。 但是,即使夏令營返回,我們也會遵守安大略省的健康要求。


*** 夏令營 2020 ***